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Forget long lines, crowded concourses and lost baggage. Fly hassle-free when you want, where you want. Using Midwest Corporate Aviation’s charter service, you have access to approximately 1,500 airports – rather than the 500 commercial aircraft can use. That gets you closer to your final destination, saving you valuable time (and considerable headache).



Enjoy customized, cost-effective air travel with our charter service. As the largest charter operator in the state of Kansas, we offer a versatile fleet of Baron, King Air and Learjet aircraft. One is sure to be right for your mission.


All aircraft in our charter fleet are equipped with weather radar and state-of-the-art global positioning satellite (GPS) navigation systems, helping ensure that you not only travel fast, but also safely.

Rather than spending several days dealing with connecting flights and commercial schedules, fly out for a meeting that morning and back that afternoon – giving you the evening with your family and a good night’s sleep in your own bed.


Let us roll out our red carpet treatment for you. Need ground transportation? We’ll arrange for a limo or rental car to pick you up upon arrival.


Safety is our #1 priority – and always has been. That’s why, since our founding in 1974, we’ve developed one of the best reputations in the industry. For 30 years, we have been transporting passengers safely throughout North America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Our system of checks and balances leaves nothing to chance, and we know our aircraft. Our experienced technicians inspect and maintain each aircraft to the highest FAA and manufacturer standards at our own FAA-certified repair station.


When you travel with Midwest Corporate Aviation, you’re flying with some of the most experienced, highly trained pilots in the industry. Our six pilots have a combined 162 years of flying experience with more than 43,000 flying hours. This averages to 27 years and 7,200 hours. All of our charter pilots have a minimum of 3,100 hours, an airline transport pilot (ATP) certificate, are trained annually at a formal, simulator-based training school and receive bi-annual FAA flight and ground evaluations.


You may be surprised at how cost-effective our charter services can be. Since cost is determined by the type of aircraft and length of trip, a couple of passengers can often fly charter cheaper than the cost of individual commercial airline tickets and staying overnight in a hotel. Plus, your travel time is drastically slashed. When you consider the collective value of your time and your team’s, you quickly see the charter advantage.

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Let us fly you to your destination. Let us know if you need a quick quote, want to check aircraft availability or are ready to schedule your next trip.

Call Abby Gettings, Charter Coordinator, scheduling, day or night, at 316.644.9643, e-mail to agettings@midwestaviation.com or fax us at 316.636.9747.

WE'RE ALSO . . .


Make use of the travel time to and from meetings. Collaborate with your team. Review your notes. Work on your laptop. Or simply rest and prepare yourself mentally.

First Class

Let us roll out our “Red Carpet” treatment for you. From complementary newspapers to your choice of beverages and snacks, we make flying with us a stellar experience.


Enhance your flight experience with our catering service. Yes, you may be flying at 35,0000 feet, but the food will be fresh and made to order. Just as you like it.


Reward yourself with travel that won't drain your energy and your spirits. Fly in our beautifully maintained aircraft with crews who treat you as an individual.