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Jet A: $5.85 100LL: $5.32


Tap into the benefits of using Kansas’ largest FBO by turning to an Authorized Phillips 66 Aviation Performance Center (APC) like Midwest Corporate Aviation. We have been providing the Midwest with our special Red Carpet service since 1974 – and are here to deliver equally standout support to you.

You can trust Midwest Corporate Aviation for reasonable fuel prices and quality fuel. Phillips 66 follows strict control policies from refinery to FBO. Our filter-separation units and rigid anti-contamination practices further guarantee fuel of the highest quality. We offer Phillips 66 premixed JetA and 100LL.
Be sure to ask about our JetA and 100LL volume-discounts!

Meet Our Crew!

George Furney
Line Service Director


Steffen Blevins

Line Service Manager

What We Offer..

  • Total of 160,000 square ft. hangar and t-hangar space with 112,000 square ft. of heated hangar space
      • Hangars large enough to hold Challenger 850's and Gulfstream 4's!
      • Ability to tow all conventional gear GA aircraft
  • ASOS weather reporting - 134.025
  • WSI Pilot Brief II, Weather Channel, Internet access with computers, printers, and work stations
  • Volume-fuel discounts
  • Aircraft wash and detail available
  • Aircraft Wipedowns
  • Windscreen Cleaning
  • Overnight block heater plug-ins can be accommodated
  • De-icing Type 1 Now Offered
  • LAV Service
  • Multiple GPU's Available
  • Oxygen and Nitrogen services
  • Dedicated Catering Refrigerator

18,000 sq. ft. 120X150 ft. hangar.
Door height: 28 ft.
Will accommodate all super midsize business jets!

Pricing Guide
Preheat Cart Single Engine $55 - Twin Engine $75
De-Icing $75 Flat Fee As Well As $28/Gallon of Fluid

Lavatory Service $75

Line Facts:
Fuel trucks - 2 JetA, 1 Avgas

Tugs - able to tow all conventional GA aircraft

Rain or shine we are on the ramp working hard for you

Plane side vehicle service

All line technicians earn NATA certificates and receive continuous in-house training for safety and industry updates

Type 1 De-Icing is now available anytime!

De-Icing in progress!

Professional marshalling

Teamwork makes the dream work!

With our mandatory 3-man wing-walking system,
you are always in good hands!

Hand signals and whistles are important for safety.

Professionalism with a smile!

Let our team handle the dirty work for you!