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Jet A: $5.85 100LL: $5.32


Travel in Style!
Let our charter flight staff take the worry and stress from planning family vacations, business trips, or even flights to a ball game!

When you fly Midwest Corporate Aviation charter, you get our red carpet service! What is that you may ask? Our Red Carpet Service means you never lift a finger. Enjoy driving up to your plane and walking right on board and sit down with a newspaper while our staff unloads your baggage from the car and onto the plane. We will park your car in the lot while you are away and have the car pulled up to the plane as you land! Do not forget the carpet! Enjoy our complimentary snacks and drinks as well as any other items upon request!

Say goodbye to TSA lines and limited flight options! YOU decide when the plane takes off and lands, YOU decide what city or airport to arrive. When you fly Midwest Corporate Aviation; we make it all about YOU! Take a look at our aircraft here!

Meet Andy Arnold,
your Chief Pilot and Director of Training!

First flight lesson in 6th grade
Private Pilot at age 17
Commercial pilot at age 18
Captain of passenger international flight at the age of 23
Captain of corporate jets at age 26
Remember sitting on the beach and seeing a banner fly by for a crab shack? That very well could have been Andy at his first job!!

Over 5,000 flying hours, wow!!
Including flights in: Hawker 800, Cessna Caravan, Pilatus PC-12, Beech BE-99, KingAir C-90, and multi engines.

Meet Abby Gettings, your Charter Coordinator!

Meet Chris Boettcher,
your Pilot!


First flight lesson in high school in 1985
Earned all pilot ratings while working as line service and attending Fort Hays State University
First Corporate job with Midwest Corporate Aviation as an air ambulance pilot while attending school

Signed off over 100 people as a flight instructor for various pilot ratings

Flown as a jet captain for over 20 years
Flown numerous international trips, including an Atlantic crossing!


Need a Quote?
Fill out our Request a Quote, form, email agettings@midwestaviation.com , or call at 316-636-9738.
Abby will provide a quote within hours! (prices subject to change on destination and passenger count)
Curious on the cost? Look below for example quotes! Or take a look at our aircraft here!

Quote Estimate
All quotes originate out of Jabara Airport (KAAO)
and quoted as round trip flights.

Kansas City, MO (KMKC) 342 Statute Miles

  • King Air 90 with 5 passengers - $3,172
  • Baron with 4 passengers - $1,870

Dallas Fort-Worth, TX (KDFW) 670 Statute Miles

  • King Air 90 with 5 passengers - $5,133
  • Baron with 4 passengers - $3,008

Des Moines, IA (KDSM) 646 Statute Miles

  • King Air 90 with 5 passengers - $4,971
  • Baron with 4 passengers - $2,919

St. Louis, MI (KSTL) 756 Statute Miles

  • King Air 90 with 5 passengers - $5,713
  • Baron with 4 passengers - $3,329

Denver, CO (KDEN) 852 Statute Miles

  • King Air 90 with 4 passengers - $6,351
  • Baron with 2 passengers - $3,687

Celebrating 44 Years of Chartered Flight!

Midwest Corporate Aviation has been a proud Part 135 Air Charter Certificate holder for 44 years with an impeccable safety record.

We strive hard for excellence and safety.

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Let us fly you to your destination. Let us know if you need a quick quote, want to check aircraft availability or are ready to schedule your next trip.

Call Abby Gettings, Charter Coordinator, scheduling, day or night, at 316.644.9643, e-mail to agettings@midwestaviation.com or fax us at 316.636.9747.

WE'RE ALSO . . .


Make use of the travel time to and from meetings. Collaborate with your team, review your notes, work on your laptop, or simply rest and prepare yourself mentally.

First Class

Let us roll out our “Red Carpet” treatment for you. From complementary newspapers to your choice of beverages and snacks, we make flying with us a memorable experience.


Enhance your flight experience with our catering service. Yes, you may be flying at 20,000 feet, but the food will be fresh and made to order. Just as you like it.


Reward yourself with travel that will not drain your energy or your spirits. Fly in our beautifully maintained aircraft with experienced crews that treat you as an individual.